The Brittania Reserva: Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

This is the Brittania Reserva, the latest cigar from Exclusive Cigars, better known as “Kristoff” after Glen Case’s son. I am smoking the Torpedo in this review.

I bought this cigar during a Kristoff event several weeks ago and have been letting it rest in my humidor since then. I think a little time gives a better perspective for most cigars, especially when tasting for the first or second time and you are making your decision of whether or not this is a style for you.

Upon lighting the cigar, there was a lovely aroma right away. The first draw produced a creamy smoke with a buttery sweet finish and a subtle hint of spice. Between puffs as the flavors lingered there was a taste of heavy cream and hazelnuts. As I continued to smoke the spice began to increase, but kept in balance with the other flavor notes. The spice reminds me of the style I like in Nicaraguan blends, though there is certainly a Dominican characteristic in the finish. Those are simply what they make me think of, and I couldn’t tell you for certain that is what they are.

For what I would consider to be a great breakfast cigar, this mild to medium bodied cigar has a great character which keeps the smoke interesting and delicious. Flavor is something I look for over strength in my selections, and this one I found to be very lovely and unique.

I have had cigars with light and delicate flavors of cream or nuts, but this one I found to be more powerful and rich. Pairings may be something to consider, though I enjoyed this one on its own just fine. About half way through I did find myself craving either a coffee or a cookie, which certainly always sound like a good idea to me, ha!


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  1. Wow, it’s definitely true that looks can be deceiving with cigars. That stick looked pretty beat up. But hey, that doesn’t mean that the cigar can’t taste great.

  2. The foot is part of the presentation, Kristoff uses a traditional pigtail cap and leaves the wrapper at the foot uncut for a shaggy finish (something you see in other manufacturers as well). It lights quite nicely :) The wrapper itself had a very nice feel to it, very silky smooth. This one is the torpedo so you won’t have the pigtail, but I’ve had some other sizes of this particular blend and enjoyed them equally.

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  4. I got the Brittania reserva with pigtail as a gift when I bought a bunch of cigars in Little Havana,
    (from the store owner)FL. Now I ‘m intent on ordering more. That happened to be the finest smoke I’ve had in a long long time. What impressed me the most was how tight it was, and how evenly and well it burned. I was just a perfect smoke from start to finish. Well balanced.

    Tom Guelcher
    St. Paul MN.

  5. I’ve never heard of a breakfast cigar! How awesome! I love the flavors you described here. Great job!

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