Tales of the Cocktail 10th Anniversary

New Orleans, home of the Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, French 75 and prime gathering location of cocktail professionals and enthusiasts from around the world,  celebrates 10 years  of the Tales of the Cocktail.

This is the world’s premier cocktail festival, and though there are many cocktails to be had, there are even greater lessons to be discovered. There are seminars educating you on everything from the business of running a bar to making your own bitters and liqueurs, special events hosted by the cocktail personalities of the industry, new product releases, competitions, oh- and lots and lots of cocktails. Literally everywhere. Tales of the Cocktail is incredibly fun and definitely a must for any admirer of spirits.

What I love about the cocktail culture is that there is an affinity for history and taste. It isn’t surprising that accompanying many of these finely crafted cocktails and spirits are delicious meals and yes, even cigars.


With events beginning at 8:30 am each day, and arguably never truly ending, one must keep hydrated and select times for rest if you are going to survive.

There were so many events and tasting rooms, and though each moment was enjoyable there are certain events that I will never forget. In particular, the first night’s event sponsored by William Grant and Sons at the Museum to wish Tales of the Cocktail a very big birthday, the Suntory “Non-stop to Kyoto” event (you know my obsession with Japanese whisky- this was a dream), and a tribute to “The Life and Times of Tom Bullock” celebrated on the Creole Queen boat- complete with dinner, jazz band, cocktails, and cigars! There is much I wish to share from these last two events in particular that I will be giving them their own posts. Be looking for updates from these events in the next few days!

Until then, here are a couple sneak peaks! First, from Non-stop to Kyoto:

Non-stop to Kyoto, Suntory Tales of the Cocktail Japanese whiskies

…and from the Life and Times of Tom Bullock tribute:

Creole Queen Paddle Boat Tales of the Cocktail event Tom Bullock tribute

Creole Queen Tom Bullock Tribute Tales of the Cocktail Jazz Band

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