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At IPCPR in NOLA this year I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman who has spent the past 25 years on Madison Avenue sharing his passion for writing instruments. His passion and personality are strong and welcoming, something you can see in his presence, his words, and all he creates. I admire his passion, and tribute to his family.

His name is Sam Moss. Sam’s son, Zach, was kind enough to share stories of his father with me. I am honored to introduce and share these stories with you in celebration of his new cigar line.

Sam comes from humble beginnings but has always had a passion for exploring the elegance of life’s pleasures. Once while he was living in Hong Kong, he walked into a premium tobacco shop and decided to live by the motto of “when in Rome…” and asked the man who was working there, “What’s the best you’ve got?” Without hesitation, the man pointed him in the direction of Davidoff. For Sam, this was the start of his respect for the brand and love for cigars.

Growing up, he watched his father and grandfather both smoke cigars. His father may not have been exposed to premium cigars on a regular basis, but since Sam’s discovery of the premium cigar industry it has only boosted his love for cigars over the years. In fact, it would be Sam’s late grandfather, Sammy, that he would like to pay tribute to with his own cigar line.

Sam will be launching his own cigar line featuring three entirely different cigars. He sought to go after creating a premium cigar to celebrate his love of smoking while blending a line that was reflective of his lifestyle. These cigars were handcrafted and perfected under the supervision of his good friend and fan of his Rebecca Moss line, master blender Henke Kelner of Davidoff.  The two have a mutual admiration for each other’s passion for their respective craft.  Their different styles led to a vibrant blend that took several years to fully develop after being put through the rigorous quality controls of the factory.  The cigars feature a mixed Cuban and Dominican wrapper grown in Ecuador, Dominican filler, and a mainly Dominican binder with a hint of Peruvian.

If it’s the little things that make you happy, the perfecto is Sam’s morning smoke that he always turns to when starting his day. This medium blend is short, yet most people say they smoke it to the end to savour the flavor. It is his favorite when coupled with a cup of coffee in the morning, as it is a creamy cigar.

The robusto is his daytime smoke.  Whether it’s while on the move with the top down on his car, or just grabbing a mid afternoon break to set his mind straight, the robusto is a smooth and full blend that asserts its presence without being overwhelming.

Then there is the toro, an awesome blend of complex flavors that builds up perfectly as it is fully enjoyed.  This is my his nightcap, an ideal smoke of choice when he wants to simply enjoy the fruits of his labor and forget about the rest.

I admire Henke Kelner’s passion for the palate and respect him greatly as a blender. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kelner and sharing many great laughs and insights. I definitely look forward to experiencing the blends he and Sam have created. I love that there are stories involved, and I can only imagine the conversations, laughs, and memories created when making these blends. It is something I will be thinking of as I enjoy my smoke.

Life’s luxuries are more than about quality, they are about memories and experiences. They honor the things we respect and admire, involve history and relationships, and can often involve a connection with our family as well as the families of others.

Over the course of his career Sam has published award-winning books including “Pen Passion” that examined the artistic beauty of fine writing instruments as well as “A Time To Watch”, recognized by The New York Times as an artistic look into the history of luxury timepieces that was responsible for the explosion in the wristwatch market in the ‘80s. His pen line, Rebecca Moss, named after his late grandmother, has grown over the course of two decades into a luxury brand that deals exclusively in the production of the finest writing instruments and leather accessories that reflect his passion for pens while infusing his eclectic personality into his designs.  Each line is functional yet fashionable.

Sam was kind enough to have given me some of his writing instruments which I have fallen in love with. They are beautiful and perform as elegant as their designs. One in particular I want to share with you brings a smile to my face each time I use it.

Beyond writing well, the beauty of the design is something I appreciate each time I hold it in my hand. Something so simple and clever- the cap of the pen is held on magnetically. Whether you need it at the back of the pen while in use, or to cover the pen when you are done- the cap smoothly grabs a hold to the pen via a magnet. This is functionality meeting design and I adore it.

Sam and Zach felt like old friends when I first met them, and I hope to meet them again soon under a relaxing setting where we can talk and perhaps even conduct an interview. Thank you both for your great generosity, I look forward to when we meet again.

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