Rocky Mountain Cigar Fesival 2012

The Smoker Friendly Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival in Boulder, Colorado is an event not to be missed! Last year I had an amazing time and was excited to return. This year, the bar was raised with more cigars, more manufacturers, more local craft beer and spirits, new and exclusive VIP options, and even people celebrating a day of leisurely cigar smoking together, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

The focus is definitely about the cigar community. Cigar smokers and manufacturers alike enjoy conversations, great beers and spirits, delicious food and of course- fine cigars. The weather is perfect and the scenery is beautiful. There are plenty of places to sit, talk, and eat, and plenty of booths to visit. It is a fully packed and entertaining day that no one wants to have end. In fact, once the Festival is “over” the party continues with an after-party mega herf sponsored by Drew Estate. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Mark your calendars for next year’s Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival: August 24th, 2013!

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