Quesada Oktoberfest + Buffalo Bayou Brewery

Ever since last year when I had my first Oktoberfest cigar from Quesada, I find myself looking forward for its release each fall. The Oktoberfest is a beautiful cigar with a blend that works very well on its own, however was made with the intention of being paired with an Oktoberfest style beer. The whole concept embraces the fun and happy spirit of the cigar smoker, and reveals to us the personality behind Quesada. They are people you would definitely want to have a beer with, as well as a cigar!


Though intended to be paired with an Oktoberfest beer, typically lagers, we decided to embrace the fun and invite Buffalo Bayou Brewery to create a beer just for the launch of this cigar. Rassul from Buffalo Bayou answered the call with not just one, but two delicious beers for us to enjoy with our cigars.

Buffalo Bayou 1836

The 1836 is a malt-forward copper ale with a nice slight bite to the finish. The slight hop adds some interest without being dominating to the beer or cigar. What’s special about this one? For the launch, this particular keg was aged in cedar. Yes, like the cedar found in a cigar box. Like I said, fun!

Buffalo Bayou Smoke on the Bayou

Smoke on the Bayou is a beer that can only be created locally in Houston. The malt was smoked at three local Houston BBQ restaurantes: Beaver’s, Goode Company, and Rockwell’s Tavern. The smoked malts were then blended and used to create this beautiful and strong scotch ale (9% ABV). The smoke is more subtle in flavor than you may expect, and the sweetness of this scotch style ale stands at the front playing well with the cigar in this pairing.

Craft beer drinkers and cigar smokers can both appreciate an event like this. Smiles were everywhere as we all imbibed in our passions.

The Oktoberfest line was released with more vitolas available this year. One in particular, and to my excitement, was a limited release 6×49 “Kaiser Ludwig” cigar. Not only a smaller ring gauge which is a first in the line, but also a box pressed cigar. In my experience, the smaller ring gauges tend to have a more intense representation of the flavors. I’ve enjoyed the blend in all the Oktoberfest vitolas I have smoked, however now the Ludwig matches the tastes I like with my preference of size.

I want to thank Stogies for hosting such a wonderful event, Quesada for including us in the launch, and Buffalo Bayou Brewery for making this truly a one of a kind event we will all remember!

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