Phone Gallery Album

libations at Anvil Bar & Refuge
Anvil Bar & Refuge
backstage of a photoshoot
cigar + cheese plate
having a Fuente
my cat
my cat - profile
having a drink and cigar at Pappas Grill
Flounder Sashimi nominess
Yamazaki 18yr- My current personal favorite- I love this!
jack rose @ Anvil Bar & Refuge
Anvil Bar & Refuge
Cafe Cubano
Cafe Cubano
Cigar Towne
Tatuaje Reserva
Tatuaje Reserva
Santa Barbara Cigars before renovations
afternoon bite and drink
afternoon bite and drink
God of Fire
having a cocktail at Perry's Steakhouse
Lovely Sunday afternnoon
Cain Nub
Cain Nub
Zafra Rum
Liga baby!
Singing In The Rain- Got to watch my favorite on the big screen- happy moment :)
Winston Churchill
My cat, Ulrich. He likes to follow me everywhere...
new toy meets cigar
new toy
rose gelato
turkish coffee
Perry's Steakhouse
nom. nom.
A delicious Avo perfecto
cafe cubano
LFD cameroon cabinet
cafe cubano
Balvenie 21yr
Dunhull- Very nice medium bodied earthy cigar
cocktail at Pappa's Grill
If you find a Kristoff in this size (salamon), grab it- they don't make them anymore. Special treat.
breakfast :9
aftermath of a photoshoot
Camacho- beautiful ash
great for my purse
Party at Stogies Cigar Lounge
Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Cigar
back of the band for La Verite
La Verite
l'esprit de Verite
Garden & Gun Magazine- No joke, totally for real. Great concept!
Hammer & Sickle
Santa Barbara Cigars
Avo Heritage
smoking the Avo Heritage
my after dinner treat and a nice way to end the evening
Texas BBQ- this is how it is done!
Presidente beer
found a libation bar in NOLA!
having a bite at Firehouse subs
some goodies from the lfd event at santa barbara cigars
lfd lancero
masters from Torano
Single Region from Torano
at Santa Barbara Cigars
I love lychee
relaxing with a cigar
smoking a tat reserva
having an Illusione 88
very cool foot on the Schrader
the foot of the Schrader cigar
cocktail at Pappas Grill
Schrader Salamon- *Delicious* cigar- first of all. But I must say, I cannot help but think of TROGDOR the burninator! Anyone else??
Ashton Mi Amour Tasting
Ashton Mi Amour tasting
the perigord, foie gras burger at the burger guys
the burger guys- fried green tomatoes
the saigon at the burger guys- with pate, my favorite!
hot dog at the Burger Guys- you can get it wrapped in bacon, too
the sydney at the burger guys- grilled pineapple, pickled beets, a duck egg.. oh yea
the burger guys
fried in duck fat- what else do you need to know? They are presented family style here for the tasting, they come in a pretty presentation when you order them :)
The Burger Guys!- From the preview before their official opening... a night of nominess!
rainy day but still doing a photoshoot inside
- by my friend Dennis, the strongest man pound for pound! -not to mention all around awesome guy ;D
Smoking a Zino
Santa Barbara Cigars
behind the scenes at a photoshoot
dirty rat
dirty rat
cocktails and cigars with friends
cocktail at Pappas Grill
cocktail at Pappas Grill
Ashton ESG
cocktail at Pappas Grill
Dirty Rat
Alec Bradley
Nub Cameroon
La Palina
Driving around town... as traffic allows plenty of time.
Ready for a smoke!
At the shop.
Runway is ready... now time to wait for the show.
pear foam
Love this presentation (and that ice cube, nice).
At the studio, ready to shoot.
BLT! Bacon, arugula, and fried green tomatoes - burger guys style.
Cocktail at home, as I am known to do. This one is an Astoria: 1/2 gin, 3/4 dry vermouth, 2 dashes orange bitters, and a lemon peel. stir.
I seriously think about this pork fat dish from Kata Robata way too much, ugh so amazing.....! Love it.
Spinach Burek from Cafe Pita, a nom.
tuna poke tacos and pork belly up from The Modular. They were out of the duck wings- next time!
the tin can known as "The Modular" is absolutely a must!
Bulleit Rye Tasting at Downing Street Pub. Impressed, think this will work nicely in my Boulevardier.
Bulleit Rye tasting at Downing Street Pub
my Xikar ashcan customized at Stogies! Thank you, Jorge!
...and this is why :)
I heart you, moon tower inn.
strong finish, and delicious!
Ready for a cortadito :)
Messina Hof
Cellar Room at Messina Hof
Cellar Room at Messina Hof
picking grapes at Messina Hof for the Harvest
Messina Hof, Vineyard- Harvest 2011
Messina Hof, Vineyard
Messina Hof Vineyard
On our way to Messina Hof for their Harvest.
Room 101 Connecticut- love a great Connecticut! Mild in strength, delicious in flavor, and a beautiful band.
Avion from Tatuaje- very intense spice in the beginning, mellows out but remains strong and full in flavor.
Willett Family Bourbon Tasting
Citadelle Gin Tasting/Seminar
Tasting the Citadelle Gin Reserve
Jura tasting! Very unique flavors and a wonderful community of people.
Mmmm pork belly rice bun!
Dragon Bowl, nice place for a bite and an outdoor area for smoking (when it gets cooler..)
the other side of the box of matches, Drew Estate :)
Smoke More Cigars, gotta love Drew Estate ;D
Bruichladdich 1970... determined to find more now. so delicious and a beautiful nose.
a glance at the first row on my cocktail bar at home.
my cocktail bar at home.
mam's makes an amazing shaved ice- the consistency is perfect and fluffy. I've been enjoying watermelon lately (after my tangerine/lemon phase).
taco fusion truck lunch break
a Jack Rose cocktail at home with freshly homemade grenadine.
Driving from Denver to Boulder for the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival hosted by Smoker Friendly.
honeycomb from a friend's bee hive- an amazing gift! wow, so delicious!!
driving through Boulder, Colorado
Having a martini in the mountains, love it.
The Colorado View
The Colorado View
Beatrice and Woodsley had Green Chartreuse VEP on the menu- LOVELY, had to have a glass! I *adore* green chartreuse....!
enjoying the view at Denver, CO (I see a pig which makes me hungry)
coffee stop at The Market in Denver, CO
masubi from the Phamily Bites food truck, "Get Pho Cup'd"
I was first introduced to Zepalta by a friend who was involved in making the wine and corking the bottle and just recently found another bottle. I adored the 2006 and am looking forward to enjoying the 2007.
A beautiful setting for the Torano event at Cigar Towne in Houston.
bone marrow, I adore it.
fois gras and unagi
pork belly fat = happy
A beautiful evening at Kata Robata.
The Balvenie 40 is incredible. After one sip you don't want another for a minute or two, because it just keeps going and going.... lovely. Then that next sip is even better.
Mmm... Balvenie!
..and amazing cocktails made by Bobby "G" Gleason, with fresh ingredients naturally. One of my cocktails had a Laphroaig mist!
A comfortable crowd- just right.
The Spirits Confidential event was brilliant. A great atmosphere, wonderful people, and well organized.
A lovely evening of wine with friends. Thank you to John and Kerry for sharing these very special bottles with us!
Japanese Whisky, these in particular I believe are not yet available in the States.
the 1985 vintage Glenrothes was an *amazing* treat to taste at Reserve 101. Anyone finds a bottle you message me.... seriously.
my favorite necklace... a gift from a dear and wonderful friend many years ago who made it for me.
Some very special beers I am looking forward to tasting soon!