Nicaragua: Cigar Safari

Cigar Safari: An Introduction to Nicaragua

Bus Ride from Managua to Esteli

Arrival at Drew Estate

A Visit to Don Pepin Garcia’s Tobacco Fields

A Visit to Don Pepin Garcia’s Curing Barns

Don Pepin Garcia’s Seedling Nursery

Joya De Nicaragua Visit Part I

Joya De Nicaragua: How the Cabinetta Serie is Rolled

Joya De Nicaragua: Sorting Wrapper and Binder Tobacco Leaves

Joya De Nicaragua: Custom Blends

Joya De Nicaragua: Aging Room

Joya De Nicaragua: Banding and Packaging

…and more coming soon!


Drew Estate has a unique way of operating, and I don’t just mean ACID cigars. Their belief in the Nicaraguan people can be seen in how they operate their factory, and by that I mean whom. Drew Estate is run 100% by Nicaraguans. The American ideal is alive as employees are given the opportunity work their way up and take on positions that may otherwise not be available to them. Because Drew Estate wasn’t started from a family tradition, you have a different and fresh approach to the industry. They had to learn from scratch and find their own way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming from a family heritage of cigars- it is a wonderful and strong culture that must remain true. But Drew Estates didn’t have that background. It makes them different and they embraced it.

One thing that has remained important to them from the start is for everything to be done in the best way they can provide. In the beginning there were many lessons, all of which have taken them to an incredible set of the highest of standards that they constantly seek to surpass each day. Their passion and experience have given them the opportunity to maintain an excellence in quality control. The tobacco, care and qualification of tobacco, blending, bunching, rolling, combustion, and condition of the cigar when it arrives to you are always on their mind. Detail is important, and each day they look to exceed in what they have done before.

I had an appreciation for Liga Privada and the dirty rat in particular before the trip, and now I have a respect for all that they do and how they do it that I cannot even begin to describe. The best I can do is share the moments of video and photographs as you experience the journey with me.

The beginning of the tour begins with an introduction to Nicaragua itself as you learn about the history, the land, and the people. Experience what the country of Nicaragua is all about and gain a perspective that will prepare you for the factory and farm tours ahead. The connection brings a new level to the trip and is an experience unlike any other.

Follow along through the videos, photos, and stories as we explore Nicaragua and take an in depth look  into what it takes to make the cigar we hold in our hands possible. On our visit, we visit Joya de Nicaragua, Drew Estate, and have the fortune of visiting Don Pepin’s farms (including the Pelo de Oro) with the man himself. I want to thank everyone from Drew Estate for making this trip possible and for the wonderful hospitality, and would like to also thank our great fellow travelers – Tim, Scott, and Tom from, Craig and Cory from, and Alan, Blake, Gil, and Vincent!