Featured in The Houston Chronicle

I recently sat down with Amber Ambrose of the Houston Chronicle to discuss what all is involved in the cigar lifestyle, and in my amazement am honored to have been featured in this fantastic article. Thank you so much, Amber!

It was a treat to be included in the paper, and more than anything very fun sharing stories and discussing cigar basics. I love the excitement of a new cigar smoker coming into a cigar shop. It’s wonderful to see the tobacconist guide each person and assist them in finding just what they are looking for. I think it also brings in a new excitement to the existing cigar smokers who may be in the shop’s lounge.

Here is a photo of the article, sized large enough to read (I hope!). Click on the image to have it enlarged in a new window and enjoy!

Cigar Chick in the Houston Chronicle



  1. Tee
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 17:35:59

    Well deserved Teresa. You have shown the world that cigars aren’t just for men, but for everyone. Bravo!

  2. Peter
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 03:26:09

    This is a good article and hopefully you will have more women consider this hobby. I like the tips you give for new smokers too, they’re very informative. I always admired the way you smoked cigars in your videos, the way you hold them and look at them, the way you take gentle puffs and exhale slowly, you don’t smoke cigars, you savor them. And you make it clear in this article they are something to be savored, just like good food and good drinks. On a personal note from me, thanks for helping me discover Tatuaje. I tried them after seeing one of your reviews and they are excellent.

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