Feat Of Strength With Dennis Rogers and Cigar Chick

And now for something completely different! Here on the blog I like to keep things focused on not only the leaf but things we enjoy with cigars. Most of the time it has to do with the palate- food, wine and spirits. But our indulgence comes with passion, and when we can combine our passions we truly get an amazing experience and the most out of life.

I want you to meet my friend Dennis Rogers, the strongest man in the world pound for pound. You may have seen him on the History Chanel in Stan Lee’s Superhumans show. If not, you definitely need to check him out. Dennis performs incredible feats of strength (bending hammers, horseshoes, rolling up frying pans and even holding back a plane) all over the world and has a passion for life that is inspiring. I had the pleasure of being a part of a feat with him and wanted to share the experience with you!

I think cigars bring us together and bring out our passions. It can be easy to find passion in the things we love, but sometimes we may dismiss our own skills. Embracing our abilities and talents makes life much more interesting and happy. Something I think is incredibly fun is mixing each others passions and talents together- such as in this case we had fun with my love of cigars and Dennis with his amazing grip and strength.

How do you combine your passions? Do you and your friends come up with great stories by involving what you do (whether it be a profession, hobby or skill) with your love of the leaf? It doesn’t have to be an extravagant show, sometimes something as simple as having friends over for cigars and a libation after work, or perhaps after a fishing or hunting trip and talking about your accomplishments of the day. Cigars are part of  your lifestyle. How do you incorporate cigars with the other aspects of your life?


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