Cigars + Photoshoots: Tracy Tesmer Photography

I love combining my passions, however simple they may sometimes be.

Dinner, wine or spirits, cigars- all great on their own but take on a different level when combined, especially in the company of friends. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of sharing such an experience with two very dear friends of mine- one is a fellow model, Julianna, and the other is a photographer you may recognize- Tracy Tesmer. Actually, make that three- because behind the scenes was another great friend, and amazing hair stylist I might add, Clemente Javier. They are also all cigar smokers.

We have had many nights together over cigars in the past, and our conversations have brought up ideas for incorporating what we do. We love it. One passion fuels the other and the whole experience is a fun and memorable one. We don’t need a camera to have fun, but it brings things to a different level when we combine our skills and energy into a full on shoot. For some it may be hunting or fishing, but for us it is a photoshoot!

*UPDATE* Here are the photos from the shoot! Below this gallery is the rest of the original post with sneak peak photos from the day of the shoot. Enjoy!


Here are some behind the scenes previews from our most recent shoot: (these are by no means final- they were taken on cell phone cameras, ha! Yes, Tracy can even make a mobile camera shot look that amazing)

Cigars featured in the shoot: Adrian’s Costa Rican Cigars Julianna is having the Maduro and I am having the Connecticut shade wrapper.

Now, this next preview wasn’t taken by Tracy but is the final preview I have. (In fact, you might see her in the background of this shot!) This is how we like to combine our passions. And the entire day and evening, beyond the shoot, was the experience. It was about getting together and enjoying life, enjoying what we love. Not to mention, some really great smokes for the occasion!

I cannot wait to see the final images from Tracy! She has already put up a teaser on her site with some photos you will want to check out:

Her photos from IPCPR are incredible, too. Take a walk through her site, I think you will appreciate what you find. Her perspective and skill is absolutely beautiful. I believe she represents the leaf well and I look forward to all her future creations!

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