Cigar Safari: Joya De Nicaragua Visit Part I

The Cigar Safari tour continues with a visit to Joya De Nicaragua in Nicaragua. In this video we learn about the technique that goes into bunching and rolling a cigar at the Joya De Nicaragua factory. This is truly an art.

Many of you know that there is nothing worse than a plugged cigar or a cigar that keeps going out. Here we can see the movement and technique it takes to maintain an even quality throughout the cigar. The different types of tobacco leaves (from a flavor perspective as well as from a construction perspective) are distributed evenly. You can see that every movement is well thought out, the tobacco is handled with care and everything is performed in controlled manner. So many details are accounted for every step of the way.

Lanceros are a difficult vitola to bunch and roll, and it is one of my favorites. Learning from Mario about how they maintain quality in their lanceros and seeing it as it happens makes me appreciate it even more.

I want to thank Mario Perez of Joya De Nicaragua for giving us such an excellent explanation of this process. There is much more to come!

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