Cigar Safari: In The Aging Room At Joya De Nicaragua

Mario of Joya de Nicaragua guides us through the aging room while on the Drew Estate Cigar Safari. Once the cigars are made, they are grouped in sets of 50 called “media rueda. ” Mario shares the story of where the name comes from and how it relates to the way this is done.

Also very interesting is that when the cigars are grouped into these sets, a worker will grab the cigars and make a hexagon shape. Just by this, they know it is 51 cigars without having to count. They then wrap them into a set and remove one cigar to maintain the 50 number. Each set has information about who the roller was, buncher, the day of production, the brand, and all relative details so they can maintain proper quality control.

Cigars rest in the aging room for a minimum of 6 weeks. This allows the cigars to lose the extra humidity gained during production.

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  1. Guinivere
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 22:27:04

    I really like your videos from Joya De Nicaragua. The Antano 1970 is one of my favorite cigars. Mario and Jonathan are so obviously passionate about what they do. It is fantastic. Also you are smoking hot. Thanks.

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