Cigar Safari: Custom Blends at Joya De Nicaragua

One of the greatest experiences during my travels to discover more about cigars and tobacco has been being involved in a custom blend. When you are able to touch the tobacco, feel the thickness of the leaves, smell various different styles and then light individual leaves on fire to compare the aromas and characteristics from the leaf and the smoke… it’s incredible.

In this video you can see that seco, viso, and ligero leaves burn differently and that those traits are considered when constructing a blend. You want to have an even burn or your “recipe” won’t taste as you intended it. Think taste and burn. That is part of the art of blending. Mario of Joya De Nicaragua and Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate walk us through what to look for when creating a cigar blend and give us an in depth look at specific tobacco leaves.

As I nosed leaves of each region, I found that I began to recognize certain notes become more pronounced in my cigars (in a very good way). It’s interesting to be able to see the individual ingredients, or leaves, and inspect their flavor qualities as a dry leaf, a smoking leaf, and with other leaves within a cigar. I still think about the first time I smelled the Condega wrapper by itself- beautiful!

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