Cigar Safari: Bus Ride From Managua To Estelí

Here we are at the beginning of Day 2 on the Cigar Safari with Drew Estate in Nicaragua. After enjoying a day of tourism and learning about the Nicaraguan country and people, we begin the transition into cigars. As we make the drive into Esteli, our bus is a comfortable scenic ride with plenty of beer, soda, water, cigars, and great conversation. Jonathan and Pedro give us more insights about Nicaragua as we near Esteli, and introduce us to one of the unique elements of Drew Estate: Subculture Studios.

In this video, you can get a feel of the ride, stories, information and experience of the trip. We haven’t even gotten to the factories or farms and already the trip is an incredible and memorable one. Again, I must say how much I really appreciate spending the first day focusing on Nicaragua itself. The morning drive and transition from the history into the factories brought everything together as a whole. You really get the complete picture of what it means to be a part of the family and community. Direct relation or not, it is a family.

On The Bus

View from the Hotel in Managua

First Smoke of the morning!

Managua To Estelí

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