Cigar Safari: Banding & Packaging At Joya De Nicaragua

From the aging room, cigars are brought here to be banded and packed for boxing. The room has a mist of water throughout which brings humidity to the cigars, allowing them to be handled. The moisture that is absorbed by the cigars makes the delicate tobacco wrapper less likely to tear during this process. Any cigars that have been broken during the aging process are separated and taken to be re-wrapped in a special way, which Mario explains.

Mario of Joya De Nicaragua shows us how each cigar is checked for quality control, one by one, before going through to the banding and packaging steps. Quality control is done constantly throughout the process- at every step!

You will also notice that every step is done by hand, even the bands and the boxing. Great care is taken into each cigar from beginning until they are sent to the shelves of the retailer.

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