Cigar Safari: Arrival at Drew Estate

After a day of discovering the beauty and history of Nicaragua, we make our way to Esteli and into Drew Estate. In the video you can see the size of the factory as we are driving. You may also notice the style. Drew Estate has an art studio- Subculture Studios, attached to the factory. There is a big graffiti scene in Nicaragua, and it is seen as something quite different than it is in the States. The art is welcomed and people will even have requests for artists to paint a wall. Drew Estate has taken their art and embraced it with the culture of Nicaragua, creating a unique and fun personality for their brand.

The design of the factory and our accommodations are unique in style as well. There is a Spanish Colonial feel that is mixed with Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Americana, Primitive, and Victorian. This fusion comes from the inspirations of everyone involved, truly making it their home.

And you certainly feel welcomed the moment you arrive. The view is stunning and everyone around you makes you feel at home. Meals are enjoyed outside by the pool, overlooking the beautiful view. Inside, you can relax in front of the tv with a cigar, or open up your computer and connect to the internet- yes, there is wi-fi here. But more than likely, that isn’t what you come here to do. When we weren’t viewing the factories or fields, we were relaxing outside enjoying the perfect weather with great cigars in great company. I’m ready to go back!


Cigar Safari: Arrival at Drew Estate

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