Cigar Safari: A Visit to Don Pepin Garcia’s Tobacco Fields

While on the Cigar Safari with Drew Estate, we were given the opportunity to explore more of Nicaragua’s cigar world. As you recall, the trip began with a day of tourism and learning about the history, land, and people of Nicaragua. Now we are exploring the cigar culture of Nicaragua- and not just Drew Estate. Each trip varies on who or where you will get to visit, but you can be sure it will be an amazing addition to the trip. This is a great perspective and truly makes you feel as a part of the family. I think it is a great thing that Drew Estate does by including so much in their tour- the focus is culture and that means the people as well as the cigar making process. You truly feel included as a part of it all, and not just a random spectator.

In the case of the trip I was on, we made a visit to Don Pepin Garcia‘s Tobacco fields with the man himself. This is the first of a series of videos from his farms (we get to look at the curing barn next).

In this video we get to see how the soil is treated to maintain proper nutrition in preparation for the tobacco plants to come, priming, the tobacco flower, seeds, and more. We learned a lot about the flowers and why you would cut or preserve them. The flower produces the seeds, and if that is what you want from a particular plant then it is something you keep. Otherwise you want to cut the flower (which is a constant job as it will return) to keep the nutrients and flavor going to the leaves – and thus our cigars, rather than it all feeding the flower of the plant. Nicaragua’s rich soil also plays a factor as it produces more leaves per plant than would be seen in Cuba.

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  1. litedave
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 09:27:47

    Thanks for the very impressive video of Don Pepin Garcia’s tobacco farm. They all seem like one happy family there. Don Pepin was very nice to let you come and film his farm. It was very educational for me and I learn something with all your videos when you go down there to cigarland. Thanks for sharing and keep em coming!

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