Cigar Safari: A Visit to Don Pepin Garcia’s Curing Barns

After looking at the tobacco fields and learning about the soil, priming, and care of the tobacco plant, we are guided through the curing barns to discover the next part of the process.

The curing barn allows the tobacco leaves to die in a slow and controlled process. To maintain the proper condition of the leaves you will see windows placed high in the barn and charcoal pits made in the ground. When the barn’s humidity is too high, the burning pits draw out the humidity. If the humidity is too low they will add moisture to the soil of the barn to return the humidity to the proper level needed.

In the video you may watch as the leaves are sewn back to back to prevent any damage to the leaf, then taken up to fill the barn from top to bottom. The care and condition of the leaf is something that is given great attention to throughout all the stages of making a cigar, and you can certainly see it here. You can also see that even at this stage everything is done by hand with many people involved.

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  1. Litedave
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 16:58:18

    Another great educational video. Don Pepin Garcia looks like a cowboy with sunglasses in these videos. Pretty cool I think. He is one of the master blenders in the world today and knows his stuff so very well. Thanks for going down there to bring us this these really nice documentaries. Keep em coming.

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