Cigar “Pub” Crawl with Hight Cigar

Have cigar, will travel. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining Chip Hight of Hight Cigar for a “pub” crawl featuring a night of cigars and scotch on the town. I say pub crawl but it was more like a steakhouse crawl and proved to be an amazing evening!

I love walking into a restaurant’s patio on a beautiful day, people are laughing from table to table enjoying themselves, and then seeing a group of cigar smokers welcoming your arrival as they hand you a cigar and offer you a drink. It is almost a dream. Then you realize that you know those faces well, and that the dream is a reality. With so few places permitting smoke these days, this was an important event for me to see come through. The enthusiasm behind the event really inspired me and made me feel confident that greater things are to come.

The night consisted of three steakhouses with two hour visits at each location, cigars sponsored by Chip Hight and scotch provided by Chivas. Bring in some really cool people and you have an amazing night going through the city with a cigar in hand all throughout the night. The restaurants (in this case: Del Frisco’s, Sullivan’s, and Smith & Wollensky) were all very hospitable and took the evening to the next level. It had me thinking of more ways to enhance the cigar smoking experience. A cigar crawl, it was brilliant!

The past few weeks have been filled with wonderful nights of wine tastings, cigar events, and scotch events- but it is always rare when you have the combined dream of food, spirits, and cigars. I’m very grateful to have friends in each of these industries, and more so now to see things begin to come together. Lines are ready to be crossed. It is about time- and it is going to be big. Are you ready to get involved?

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