Cigar Cases: Traditional and Modern Styles Featuring Andre Garcia

When I look through the cigars in my humidor, I notice two very different styles where presentation is concerned. Looking at the boxes and bands, there are the old-school, very traditional styles, and then you have the modern and creative styles. I love both for very different reasons and am drawn to them all. Taste is important, and all of these are of the highest quality tobaccos and crafting. But what do you find your eyes drawn to more these days- the traditional or the modern?


I’ve been wanting to share these Pack & Go cases from Andre Garcia, and after looking through my cigars I was inspired to also share the connection I discovered. Most often when we shop we shop for taste in cigars. The art and packaging that comes with it is a beautiful addition. But when it comes to selecting a cigar case, do you find yourself drawn to the traditional or the more creative styles? Here taste is personal taste and can better reflect your personality as a whole.




Personally, I like opposites. I like mixing perhaps conflicting pieces together and making them into one complete story. I enjoyed this behavior as a child, too. For example, I would play outside and climb trees, but always in a dress (my Mother never could get me into a set of play clothes). Even now with my music taste, I love industrial music and also love classical music. I like mixing vintage with something new, especially if it doesn’t make sense. I enjoy the things I love and find a way to make them my own in how I experience them.

Getting back to the cases, here I find an opportunity to include very different cigar case styles into my smoking experiences. These styles express my personality and allow me to travel with my cigars in a very fun new way. Functionality is of the most importance and that is certainly not lost here. Style only takes it a step further in appreciation. Also lovely is that such unique items are a great conversational piece when meeting new people.

At first glance, I think of cocktails… where the the brown leather case is an elegant single malt whisky or a craft beer, the shiny carbon fiber case is an old pal libation, or perhaps even a last word with its enticing color. I think of the places I enjoy smoking a cigar and how each style best fits each setting for me. I think of the people around me who will enjoy the uniqueness of the case as well, and am happy the case is large enough for me to carry cigars for friends, both new and old.

Each cigar is a story. We learn the details of the tale as we smoke, but when selecting a case we are the writers of the story. We pick a case that reflects us and through its use, people discover more about us.

Are you modern, traditional, or a little bit of both?




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  1. Al Johnson
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 11:29:54

    It depends on the mood. Some days I’m very much “old school” and enjoying the cigar with all the tradition, history, and lore surrounding it, and I want that in the accessories for them. But other times, the modern edgier look I appreciate and use for the innovation in the cigar industry. Ultimately both are right, and the best new wave cigar designs are one that can take the image forward but still keeping elements of the old school integrated.

    Keep up the great work, really enjoyed seeing the cases and will most likely get one now.

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