Cigar Accessories: V-Cut Cigar Cutter ( Part Four )

I had forgotten how much I enjoy a v-cut cigar until the release of this well designed v-cutter was presented from Xikar. Previous v-cutters would wear quickly in my experience. The blade would get dull and start tearing the tobacco, if not the entire cap of the cigar, apart. I had almost completely written off the v-cut for that reason alone.

What’s different here is an inverted blade that remains sharp and strong. The cutter is remarkably sturdy and even has an added design as a cigar holder (love it). The cut feels like air- there is no resistance which means no tearing apart your tobacco. This is especially beneficial when cutting torpedos as you need a very precise and clean cut. I’ve had absolutely no issues with this cutter and it performs the same today as when I first used it many months ago.

Smoking cigars with a v-cut again is like reminiscing with an old friend. What I enjoy about this particular style of cut is that it gives you a direct draw while maintaining plenty of the wrapper. The wrapper is such an important part of the smoking experience for me which is why I prefer smaller cuts whenever possible. Even when I use my scissors to cut I don’t open them all the way- I use them as something between a punch and a v-cut trying to make as delicate as a cut as I can. Of course now with this v-cut it makes life a lot simpler and direct. It’s also fun to change up the overall experience.

It’s interesting just how much the cut of a cigar can impact how you taste your cigar. It’s for that reason that I don’t like to limit myself to one style of cut. I may have preferences for certain cigars, but changing it up from time to time is a great reminder of how all the elements come together in the smoking experience. Every detail counts from proper humidification, lighting, cutting, and of course the time we spend smoking the cigar. If you haven’t had a v-cut cigar I would highly recommend it. Consider bringing it into your rotation of cigar cutters to enhance your cigar smoking ventures.

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  1. Cigar Inspector
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 15:34:04

    Excellent post. I got away from v cuts for the same reason. I’ll think about picking one of these up now!

  2. Daniel
    May 27, 2013 @ 19:49:25

    This definitely mirrors my own opinion. By initiating the cut at two points instead of one, this cutter doesn’t squish the cigar like another more expensive previous v-cutter (which shall remain unnamed) that I’ve used. When I remember where I put it, this cutter definitely makes it into my rotation. This is probably my favorite of the Xikar cutters.

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