Cigar Accessories: Travel ( Part One )

When we are traveling, often it isn’t just our cigars we are carrying with us. One of the things I like about this cigar briefcase from Andre Garcia, beyond the absolute luxury, is that it doesn’t look like a cigar traveling case. In fact, you can use it to carry just about anything.

Its versatility allows you to combine the security and humidification of your cigars along with the rest of the things in your life. Have contracts, your electronics, perhaps a bottle of whisky, and your cigars so that you are truly prepared for the day. When I go to events, often afterwards I either run into friends or create new ones and we all discuss how lovely it would be to continue the conversation with a cigar and after dinner drink. Depending on the hour, cigar shops nearby may be closed or too far for a quick visit. With a bag like this I can have cigars ready to share.

I like the small cases that hold about three cigars, too. However it is best for planned smaller gatherings and is much more personal. When I am at an event with friends, three isn’t enough and I’ve broken many a purse trying to hold multiple cases. I’m not kidding.

This is a briefcase I can carry my laptop or tablet in along with my cigars. I can go to a meeting, run errands, and be able to arrive to an event prepared. Bringing style into my cigar lifestyle matches my personality well, and this luxurious briefcase fits the role perfectly.

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  1. Tee
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 23:07:43

    I love it. Thanks for the review. It makes the evening just a little more special when you have fine things to go with your cigars. I know my friends will appreciate it too.

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