Cigar Accessories: Lighters ( Part Three )

If there is one accessory a cigar smoker can never have too many of, it’s a proper cigar lighter!

The source of fire we light our cigars with is crucial to the cigar smoking experience. A tainted flame will completely take over and ruin the best cigar. The fire sources we use in lighting our cigars is something we take very seriously and rightly so. We are also dependent on tools to accomplish this. Whereas with cutting, in a true act of desperation we can use our nails or teeth if we have nothing else, but the creation of a flame requires assistance.

Butane and matches. Our flame must be fueled by an odorless source. Lighter fluid will takeover the flavor nuances of a cigar and we must also be cautious of matches with a sulfur tip, being patient to allow it to pass the sulfur before using it to light our cigars. With most matches this means very little time to light our cigar and involves the use of multiple matches.

Butane fueled lighters provide us a beautiful option in functionality and in style thanks to the many lighter choices available. The choice now becomes one of flame style since we can relax knowing our cigars will have a clean flame. Soft flame, single torch, or multiple torches- we have many options presented in beautiful styles. You can find a lighter to match your personality and preferences and make each cigar smoking experience a perfect one.

We all have different preferences and tastes, so the best lighter will be different for each of us. I know I personally like to keep about three lighters in my purse at all times. I like having the option of different flame styles to choose from depending on the cigar I am smoking, and I also like to have a backup for when I forget to refill my lighter (it happens!) – I’m always prepared.

For me, style is a characteristic I adore involving in my hobbies. Cigars are of course no exception. I collect and use everything I own. That’s my mentality- rare cigars and lighters are meant to be enjoyed! I will use a lighter for as long as the lighter allows me. I like collecting them in as many colors and designs in my flame styling of choice (soft flame and single to double torch for me) and especially love matching them to my other accessories or my outfits. Xikar is a personal favorite of mine because of the many options they have! They also have a lifetime warranty which means your investment is secure.

I’ve had this pink lighter for years and adore it. It’s one of my favorites. I have a nail polish that matches it exactly and have now discovered that one of my new dresses (this one is from David Peck Collection) matches it exactly! It makes me feel like my favorite lighter is brand new again, ha.

Maybe you’re not matching your lighters with your dress, but the options for style are endless. From colors and designs to a lighter branded with your favorite cigar brand. What’s your favorite way to bring style into your cigars?

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  1. Cigar Inspector
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 15:53:04

    The pink lighter is adorable 😉 I’ve been enjoying your blog posts on accessories. I love reading reviews, but it’s great finding a blog which discusses other cigar topics too.

  2. Arun
    May 01, 2013 @ 11:23:28


    Great piece – thank you. A prefer a soft flame too, but I think it only works well indoors. Given that there are so few indoor lounges in SoCal, I find myself outside most times when enjoying a cigar, so I have to use a torch. I love lighters as well. I’ve got two Zippos with custom monograms (one bought in 1991!). I can use one of the Zippos with cigars because I replaced the original lighter-fluid style inner with a butane insert. Also have a Colibri torch (kind of unreliable surprisingly), and a nice S.T. Dupont soft flame (it is actually a Chinese knockoff, but it works great. I never buy knockoff stuff, but did on whim).

    On lighter fluid (like with Zippos) – Ronson, Zippo and others are coming out with new fluids that they say are odorless. I want to try them because I really like my old-school Zippos! Thoughts?

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