Cigar Accessories: Cedar Spills ( Part Two )

Cigars are a luxury on their own, and when we look to expand on that luxury we must focus on the experience itself. The lighting ritual is a significant part of the smoking experience. It sets the tone. We must not only use the proper source of flame, but we must also take our time.

The use of cedar spills brings back an old tradition and reminds us each time we light up a cigar just what a treat that cigar truly is. It enhances the experience and reminds us to focus on the details.

The spills you see here are from Commonwealth Cedar Spills. Once lit, the flame makes its way slowly down the spill allowing for a slow controlled soft flame to light your cigar. The idea is to take your time and embrace a lighting style from history. You still want to use a proper source when lighting the spill (this means no lighter fluid or sulfur tip match). This is a very elegant way to light your cigar and enhance the entire smoking experience.

A cedar spill may not be something that is practical for every cigar, especially if you smoke often and are out and about. But for those moments where you want to treat yourself to something a little different, lighting your cigar with a cedar spill makes what may be an otherwise ordinary smoking experience into a special occasion.

I think these are especially a great gift idea for the “cigar smoker who has everything” to show your understood appreciation of their hobby. It’s also a fun treat to present your guests with this unique experience when you offer cigars at home. It offers a great lesson and reminder in taking our time to gently toast and light our cigars to both the seasoned cigar smoker and new aficionado alike.

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