Cigar Factory: Bands, Boxes, And Presentation

Watch the attention to detail as each band is placed on the cigar and all cigars are again checked before shipment. While on the Rocky Patel Trip I had the fortune of visiting both Honduras and Nicaragua for an incredible experience. In this video you can take a look into each factory and see how the final presentation process is done.

Nicaragua was a bonus part of the trip as some unexpected events occurred during our stay.  Rocky Patel’s Autumn Collection, Patel Brothers, and 1961 cigars are made in their new factory in Esteli with AJ Fernandez. I’ll be sharing more videos from Esteli with you soon!

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Cigar Box Factory Tour: Honduras

While on the Rocky Patel Trip in Honduras, I had the fortune of taking a tour through a cigar box factory. Looking through and seeing just how much hands on work is involved added a new perspective and more appreciation to the presentation and experience of our cigars.

In this video you will experience the factory as I did, walking through and watching everyone at work handling one item at a time. Every detail is done by hand and with a beautiful finish. I hope you get as much from this video as I did with the experience.

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Rolling Of A Cigar: The Rocky Patel Trip

One of the greatest experiences I walked away with on the Rocky Patel Trip was blending my own cigar. Tobacco from various places of the world were made available to consider for the blend. As this was my first attempt at a blend, I went for a Nicaraguan puro and played with the different strengths and smells of each tobacco made available out of Nicaragua. After deciding my blend, I was excited in the moment not knowing what would come next.

And what was next was amazing; they were going to roll the first cigar of our personally selected blend right then and there. Wow- what an experience to select your tobacco, then watch as the cigar is constructed right before your eyes and handed to you to enjoy.

Now this is one style of rolling presented in the video, and how it is done in the Honduras factory. Later on I’ll be showing you another rolling method done purely by hand without the assistance of a rolling mechanism, and with the classic Cuban style triple cap for the cigar. This other style was how it was done at the factory in Nicaragua, so be on the look out for that video soon.

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A Lesson In Tobacco: Stripping on the Rocky Patel Trip

First, this video begins where the previous video left off, adding some notes about tobacco sorting.

Then we get to the stripping- and this is proof that I am not a stripper! It takes more than strength to strip the tobacco (all strength tears it as you’ll see here). These ladies do an incredible job, quickly and perfectly each and every time (which is much more than I can say about us!).

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A Lesson In Sorting & Quality Control: The Rocky Patel Trip

While on the Rocky Patel trip in Honduras, Nimish and Gustavo explained the importance of sorting and the details that are looked into to maintain quality control.

Once the tobacco leaves arrive and go through fermentation, the leaves are sorted by texture, color, and size. The texture of the tobacco changes between seco, viso, and ligero which assists in keeping the tobacco sorted properly.

I’ll be posting pictures in just a moment for a more in depth look, be sure to check back in.

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A Lesson in Fermentation: The Rocky Patel Trip

While in Honduras for the Rocky Patel trip, Nimish Desai presented us with many great lessons in the Tobacco process. In this video, you can gain an understanding of the fermentation process.

If you ever make it to a factory and experience the process first hand… wow is that ever an experience. You may find an even stronger appreciation for your cigars when you experience all that they go through and all the people involved.

Fortunately for you in this case the smell experienced cannot be shared from video or photos. But I think you’ll get an idea of what it was like from this video. Enjoy.

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