A Nuptial Mass, Cigar and Craft Beer Reception

This is a personal post. And like most things in my life, cigars and craft beer naturally find their way into the scene. I think that is because of the culture that comes with them- beautiful conversations, an unspoken bond, and the thought of all the people involved in crafting such elegant cigars and beers […]

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Chartreuse + Chocolate Truffles

I love Green Chartreuse. It’s an obsession, really. One of the factors I have discovered about Chartreuse it that it is wonderful with chocolate (try adding it in your hot cocoa in the winter- a “haute verte” is magical). As I was making truffles…
CHARTREUSE DUST UPDATE: click to view the update and photos

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Cigar Life Diary: Cigar Bookmarking

I enjoy spending an afternoon or evening off with a cigar and a great book. The quiet […]

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