AKA Respect Cigar Review

AKA Cigars RESPECT: Robusto “HOOAH” 5.5 x 50

Wrapper: Dark Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Honduran Corojo Ligero
Filler: Dominican Republic Corojo Ligero and Honduran Corojo Ligero

AKA, or American KickAss Cigars brings attention to being proud Americans and proud of our United States Military. A percentage of all sales are even donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Jay Lundy is the mastermind behind AKA Cigars. He is passionate and very detail oriented. Quality is of the most importance and he takes the military focus very seriously.

Looking at the wrapper, binder, and filler you instantly notice a lot of ligero involved in the blend. Yes, this is a full bodied cigar- but don’t be fooled, it’s also a very balanced cigar. The flavor profile is rich and very delicious! There is a dominant earthy quality with notes of cocoa, cedar, almost tea-like spices, and a nice peppery finish.

The pepper characteristic is different from other cigars I’ve smoked, it isn’t a pepper bomb but rather the pepper is all in the nose and the finish. This lets the other flavor notes really stand out and not get blown away by the pepper. The cigar certainly builds as you smoke, and the subtle sweetness in the beginning fades away in the end as the strength increases. It’ll give you a “buzz” so to speak at the end, it’s that nicotine punch you’d expect from lots of ligero leaves.

This will affect people differently, some people won’t be phased by the strength where as others may get hit quite hard. Take your time smoking and enjoy the flavors, and maybe have a little sugar around in case you find the strength or nicotine to be too much. A little sugar will bring you back to life!

A preview of my new ashtray and next post! Stay tuned…


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  1. Good review, I know Jay personally and he puts a ton of time into his brands. I haven’t tried this blend yet but am looking forward to it.

  2. Nice review, well done! This is a fantastic stick and earned a 94 rating from me.

  3. My guess for the ashtray is it is the Kraken from the old Clash of the Titans Movie or some octopus-like creature

  4. Looks like a beautiful stick, I’ll keep my eye out for it. I always try out the ones that support the wounded warrior project.

  5. Hello from ATX. First time checking out your blog. Impressive!

  6. no comments…so impressive and detailed review…awesome
    perhaps I have not seen such a beautiful girl with such a great taste
    this one is a kick-ass cigar…like it

  7. Its a good thing to see someone sincerely interested in helping our Wounded Warriors, and, creating a focal point for Americans to respect our military again! Thanks!

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  10. My dear Tereca,
    I just looked at one of your reviews after a long time away and I must say that it is always
    very interesting indeed. I see that you’ve become more “à Laise” with the clips.They are great
    and very intertesting eventhogh I can’t get those cigars here in FRANCE;
    Keep up the great work and Cio.
    Guy Buscema,
    Calvisson, FRANCE

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