“cigar chick”

I live what I love- and enjoy balancing my indulgences in pleasurable amounts. It keeps them special, appreciated, and a personal luxury. I like to appreciate all the little details that go into our favorite indulgences: the history, the tradition, and the art.

Cigars are a great love of mine. And nearly always in great company, with wonderful drinks, and lasting memories. There is something so relaxing and delicious about a cigar that the experience itself is the reward for me. They seem to highlight events and successes and increase the bond between those who enjoy them.

And they deserve a grand place to be enjoyed, so as you visit me you will discover reviews on cigars for you to love and indulge in, as well as the insights and stories the luxury of cigars bring. See you soon.

Where Does Your Appreciation Come From?

I want to bring up a topic that isn’t necessarily focused on cigars, but rather all the things we appreciate and why. Whether it is a hobby, lifestyle, or moment reminding us of our fondest memories, there are things in life that have a special place in our mind. What they all have in common is a connection and a beginning.

Think about the things you enjoy and why you enjoy them. What meaning do they hold do you and where does that meaning come from. For some of us it may remind us of our childhood and the things that made an impact in our lives as we grew up. For others it may be the surprises that came up in moments where we escape the busy day and make time to focus on ourselves. There may even be a mix. But when something is important to us there is a connection. Let’s take food for example.

Food and comfort go hand in hand. There are items that perhaps our parent’s prepared for us that we remember fondly not for just what it was, but the circumstances and story behind it. It may create a starting point for us to grown on and make into our own. There are elements that we respond to and take pleasure in. We begin to make a palate for those elements and look to expand on them as we grow in life. Some things change and some stay the same, but there is never a wrong or right to it, just what meets our satisfaction. This is where appreciation comes in, and the value of our time.

Hobbies or ways we chose to relax let us connect with our strengths and rejuvenate. They make time stand still as we enjoy them, and those we enjoy them with.

For me, growing up it was those closest to me and my environment that made the impact. My father made me aware of the power of knowledge and finding answers from different sources. If ever I had a question, at any age and however simple or complex the question may be, even though he knew the answer he made me discover it on my own. He would guide me to books and people and the questions to ask (yes, more questions for my one simple question) until we looked at it in a more thorough light. From the history of where things came from to the science of how they are made, my father always pushed me to discover more and to discover it on my own. I thank him for that. As a child it wasn’t the best at the time, and the funny thing was if I avoided asking him I would have to find out on my own just as he would have me. But he was always there to guide and support me.

My mother and aunt are those I spent the most time with and are where a lot of my passion comes from. This aunt was not an aunt by blood, but very much was my family. You see my mother’s family is something we know little to nothing of as she was orphaned as a child and grew up on her own. My “aunt” left her family to start new opportunities in America. When she and my mother met they were family, and so she is mine. I was told at a very young age that my mother would pass away and I had said my goodbyes. My aunt played a significant part in this as she raised me along side her. Fortunately my mother survived years past what the doctors had expected, making each day I had her in my life a blessing. I cherished every moment and detail. And that is where much of my passion and appreciation comes from. You see they loved to cook, to entertain and host parties, and to make their own business allowing them the time to enjoy life. Every day was given detail, however simple or grand the occasion may be. And they always included me in all that they did. My aunt believed strongly in always representing ourselves through our words, actions, and appearance. Every single day she raised me in this belief.

At home every meal was made from scratch in our home, and I would watch or participate where permitted. Even breakfast was done properly at the table with time to enjoy the meal. It may have meant waking up earlier, but it was important to take out time and enjoy this moment and prepare yourself for the day, focused and ready. During events I would assist in setting up and making sure guests were attended to properly. Conversations, detail to food, enjoyment of wine- it was all there and something that I have a strong connection to to this day. It made me happy, and especially happy to share it with others who held that same appreciation. We never know how long our lives will be or what each day may bring us, but we are in control of making the most of each moment.

Now, as far as smoking is concerned most of the women I knew growing up smoked cigarettes and many of the men cigars. I always enjoyed the smell of a good cigar, but never found an affinity for cigarettes no matter how much my aunt smoked them. There was nothing there for me. Looking into cigars and the culture and process that goes into them was something I could relate to and find enjoyment in. It goes back to food and the palate, and what is enjoyable. There is an experience to be had.

And so when I enjoy a meal or smoke a cigar, yes there are details to consider of what is liked better over another, but at the end of the day the goal is the same: to enjoy life.

And so I want to ask you, what are your beginnings? What goes through your mind when you are relaxing and indulging in your hobby or luxury of choice? I think the little things are important as they help us paint a bigger picture.

I like to enjoy at least one element of what I appreciate each day. Maybe it is reading and discovering something new about my interests, having a cigar, a fine wine, or a great conversation with a friend. Whether on my own or with company, I make an effort to do something each day. This is one of the reasons I created this site, as a place to share experiences of our appreciation to life’s luxuries.

It’s about exploring your palate with an appreciation for taste, history, quality, and elegance. Most cigar smokers are relaxed, happy, and prosperous people who live rich, full lives. It is a community not like any other.

I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without such luxuries- of which I am very grateful for. Here’s to enjoying all the treasures life has to offer us.