A Very Boutique Cigar: The Flamboyan Dark

Now this is a very boutique cigar, and one that may be difficult to get a hold of not because it is a limited edition, but because it is so “boutique”.  All the blends for Moore & Bode are a secret, making each cigar a surprising experience. The first time I had one I didn’t know what to expect and found it as a very fun new tasting experience.

The First Moore & Bode cigar I ever had was from the Miami blend, which is a very mild blend with an intriguing flavor profile. The tastes are delicate and unique with a tea-like quality to them. I tend to lean towards medium to full styled cigars and so when I found out about the Flamboyan blend, which is a more complex blend, I was very anxious to give them a taste. Some time has passed since I first discovered Moore & Bode, and only now have I finally been able to get a Flamboyan Dark in hand. Immediately upon my first draw I was very impressed with this unique profile.

The strength of this cigar is very light in my opinion, but very rich and complex in flavor. There are plenty of spices mixed in with dark coffee flavors that make for a round and robust taste, but with a character unlike any cigar I have had from the contrast in strength. I always look for more flavor than strength in my cigars and this is an interesting balance that keeps the smoke a curious and delicious experience. It is very unique, and something I appreciate from this truly boutique company.

The Flamboyan Dark

Moore & Bode Flamboyan Dark

Moore & Bode Flambyoan Dark "Salvadore" 5 x 50 Cigar

Moore & Bode Flambyoan Dark "Salvadore" 5 x 50 Cigar

The Flamboyan Dark blend just arrived at Santa Barbara Cigar shop a few days ago, and I began my first taste immediately. I have had a couple now and look forward to giving the ones in my humidor time to rest so that I may give a better look into the whole profile. As the blends are a secret and production is small, it comes down to what they are able to produce and send out. Quality and the art of blending is important, and I am happy to see that maintained in the name.

It reminds me of some of the wines a friend of mine has given to me after having worked a harvest. Some of these wines have been bottles he had been personally involved with and could tell us the stories of all that took place during the production. With wines, a year in vintage can make a dramatic difference and seeking certain ones, especially when they are very boutique, can be near impossible. But the memories and the uniqueness of them last a lifetime.

I hope to find more of the Moore & Bode Flamboyan Dark blends available soon. It is an experience I look forward to repeating as often as I can. It does make each one I have rather special in the meantime, and there is something spectacular about that as well.

And so I ask you- what are some of the boutique cigars you have come across? The ones you love and only wish you could get more of on a regular basis? For me that is the love/hate nature of the very boutique quality.

Flamboyan Dark on top, a few left..

the Flamboyan and Miami blends


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  3. Zoila
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 18:50:59

    If I have never seen a beautiful cigar, this one sure is! I love how you point out how a person should really enjoy their cigars and the flavors.

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