A Classic Martini

The classic martini calls for Gin and French Vermouth stirred and served straight up with a lemon twist or an olive as a garnish. The gin selection is a matter of preference, I  tend to use Hendrick’s, Tanqueray or Citadelle gin in my martini with Noilly Prat French Vermouth. Ratios of Gin and Vermouth vary by recipe and by taste.


2 oz Gin
1 oz French Vermouth
1-2 dashes Orange Bitters (optional)

Stir ingredients over ice until chilled then strain into a chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish with a lemon zest or olive. Enjoy!

A classic Martini and a Vieux Carre are two of my favorite cocktails to pair with most any cigar. I find they are my “go to’s” that compliment just about any smoke without ever taking away flavor notes of the cigar. I think these two cocktails enhance the cigar’s natural tasting characteristics.

PS A Martini is only a martini when using Gin and Vermouth. If you use Vodka, it is technically a “Kangaroo Cocktail.” The inclusion of Orange Bitters in a martini is also known as an Astoria Cocktail.

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